Do mediums/psychics exist?

Do mediums/psychics exist?
I really want to go to a medium. My grandad died when I was three and I want to find out more about him but don’t want to be scammed. My mum went to a medium and she had a private joke with my grandad and the medium had told her it and she was shocked as no one else do they really exist?

Suggestion by A.G.C
Mediums are real. But as you said there are many that are fake just be careful and do some research about the medium that you are attending.

Suggestion by Austin
i can sense paranormal stuff on a higher level

Suggestion by Samantha Reed
Yes Psychics and Mediums do exist, I infact happen to be a Natural Born Gifted Psychic myself! If you want to know things just email me and i will be more than happy to give you the info. you are seeking.

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medium psychic
medium psychic
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