How does one get sawdust to decompose to make a growing medium?

How does one get sawdust to decompose to make a growing medium?
To be used in containers for growing vegetables.
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Suggestion by Cat
Put it in a pile, and wait. 3 to 12 months, depending on temperature and conditions, will compost it nicely.

Suggestion by Michael S
compost it, but it requires a lot of nitrogen to decompose, don’t just apply it to plants it will starve them

Suggestion by craig
Mix in an equal amount of green material, grass clippings, vegetable scraps from the kitchen, etc. Keep it moist, not wet and turn the pile at least once a week. Should be ready for you in 8 to 10 weeks

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growing mediums
growing mediums

Which if the following statements is true about watering greenhouse plants like chrysanthemums or poinsettias?
A. WAter the plants every day to keep them on a regular schedule, no matter how sunny it is.
B. Water the plants with just enough so that the top 1 to 2″ of growing media is wet.
C. The plants should be kept saturated at all times to avoid stress.
D Wait until the top !: of media becomes dry, then water enough to have some water come out of the bottom of the pot

Suggestion by SCOTT KELSO
E. when pot is light or plant shows signs of needing water soak pot till wet through, wait till pot is again dried out repeat.

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growing mediums

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  1. Native Again Landscaper says

    Spread it on the ground about 6-12 inches thick, depending on the area you have available and the amount of sawdust you have. Then spread 5 layers of black and white newspaper and then pile leaves and cutting and twigs on top and dampen with a hose about every week or so. This will decompose in about 8-12 weeks depending on your zone.


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  2. LucySD says

    In order for it to be a good compost mixture it requires 4 things
    It might be well worth reading the link below for optimum benefits for your garden.
    The ABCs of Composting
    four key words to remember: green, brown, air, water.
    So just using one medium will not make a good compost.
    The percentage values of each medium is what makes the compost good.

    How Long Does It Take?……..Read this section it will surprise you

    Green and Brown: Getting the Balance Right
    Moisture and Air… Speed Decomposition

    Composting for beginners

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