Q&A: How do I shrink a shirt from Large to Medium?

How do I shrink a shirt from Large to Medium?
So I recently bought this shirt and they were all out of my size (medium) so I settled with a large. I really need to shrink it down from a large to a medium. It’s a lacoste polo shirt that is 100% cotton if that helps at all. I spent like $ 150 on it so I can’t mess this up. Thanks in advance!

Suggestion by Robert
the only way that ive heard of shrinking shirts is to wash them and then dry them repeatedly.wont damage the shirt but it will in fact shrink the cotton.

Suggestion by Brage
DUH! just use a shrinking machine!

Suggestion by Flashing Fingers
Hot water wash followed by a dryer on Hot. and dry it fully(not half damp) After all when you bought the shirt it was dry. Not guaranteeing a Medium, but a smaller large with shorter sleeves.

Clothing sizes are actually cut that size (be it small – medium or large) For that cost I would have waited till they got some in.

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where to find a medium

What is the hardest medium to paint with?
This is for an artwork, and i would like to know which is the hardest medium to paint with, acrylic, watercolor, oils, Ect. So what is the hardest medium to paint with?

Suggestion by rebeccakost
I would think watercolor because it bleeds so easily and it’s hard to get a contrast/mix colors.

Suggestion by Sam V
it is incredibly difficult to paint with only water.

Suggestion by Omega
feces. It smells and you can’t get much variety. Much harder than watercolor.

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where to find a medium

Messing with a Mitsubishi Lancer There are loads of videos where people run an engine at full rev with no oil in it, and the engine seizes. Running it a medi…

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  1. M July 10, 2013 at 7:48 pm #

    In many ways, watercolors are the mot difficult to paint with. If you accidentally put on the wrong color, you cannot change it as easily. With oils and acrylics, you can just put on another few layers. Watercolor, however, has a beauty of translucency that appeals to many of us. It is also a medium that you can easily take with you on a hike.

  2. Kandinsky July 10, 2013 at 8:05 pm #

    Watercolor…because you work in transparent layers. With most other painting types you can “rework” the paint after it is dry by painting over it…you cant paint over watercolor in that same way. Also..with watercolor the “pure white” that you use is the color of the paper usually so it needs to be kept blank which can be tricky.

  3. incognito_burrito July 10, 2013 at 9:01 pm #

    Watercolor or inks because you have to wait for it to dry every time you add colors. If you don’t it bleeds. It’s also much harder to cover up mistakes. In some cases, it’s much easier to just start over. The end result is beautiful, though.

  4. Raf July 10, 2013 at 9:08 pm #

    Encaustic painting is difficult because you have to have to keep the wax at a certain temperature. Blending of colors has to be done in little pots over an iron. However, it does allow you to carve the paint later for special effects.

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