Q&A: Why does sound need a medium for transmission whereas the electromagnetic waves doesnt ?

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Why does sound need a medium for transmission whereas the electromagnetic waves doesnt ?
Why does sound require a medium for transmission or propagation. But this is not the case with electromagnetic waves. Why?

Suggestion by F C
Think of electromagnetic waves as two fields of force, one magnetic and at right angles to this an electric force field. These two fields are created and moving away from their source. They are complete in themselves and do not need to reach a target by influencing anything inbetween the source and target.

The ear responds to pressure waves in the the air. When the air changes from a force the ear detects it as sound. When you clap you affect the air molecules between your hands. These bump into the air molecules all around them and the enrgy is transferred down the line, molecule to molecule to your ear.

By nature sound is force transmitted through a medium to a detector that picks up the change in the medium. EM waves are fields that do not affect the medium but travel through and indpendent of it.

Suggestion by bagofmilk
This is technically true. Sound requires a medium of transmission to exhibit energy waves. Sound is not energy therefore it needs a medium to be transfered.

Electromagnetic waves require ‘Free Space’ to propogate energy.

Because ‘free space’ is always in existence its assumed that electromagnetic waves do not require any other medium to be transferred.

Suggestion by dkillinx
Sound waves require a medium to travel, because a sound wave is merely a compression that’s transmitted through a medium such as air, water, or solid objects like a steel rod.

If you’ve ever seen a newton’s cradle, sound waves are transmitted in much the same way. The compression wave is transmitted by a molecule being thrust forward until it transmits it’s momentum into another molecule and so on. That’s why there’s no sound in a vacuum, there’s not enough molecules to transmit the compression of the sound wave, and why the denser an object the faster sound will travel through it.

EM waves are unique and almost magical in a way. They don’t need a medium to be transmitted, in fact they move at light speed and are self propogating.

The electrical half generates a magnetic half of a wave, then the magnetic half generates the other electrical half of the electrical wave, which generates the other half of the magnetic wave, and the cycle repeats from there. So with that method EM waves don’t require a medium for transmission.

I hope this helps you out.

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What is the relationship between the medium and the message? What affect does a medium have on a message it ca?
What do you think is the relationship between the medium and the message? What affect does a medium have on a message it carries?

Suggestion by pissoffmyass
message is recieved by you through the medium.. and ur feedback goes to the sender through a medium…
the medium could be telephone, email, mail, fax newsaper, magaznies, tv channels, radio channels, etc……………….
out medium here is yahoo answers…

Suggestion by kymyst007
if the medium is a messenger, then his or her perceived credibility directly affects how the message is interpreted

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What’s the difference between light coverage, medium coverage, and full coverage foundation?
I don’t understand what it means to have light coverage, medium coverage, or full coverage foundation, so could someone please explain? Thanks!

Suggestion by xXNeko_Kuro
I’m not 100% sure, but it probably means that light coverage means a lighter coat of foundation, medium means medium colored coat of foundation, and full means a dark coat of foundation.

Suggestion by sαrαh! <3
Light coverage means the foundation will have little coverage and won’t really cover anything you want to hide. Medium coverage means there will be more coverage than light coverage, meaning it will cover things like dark spots and acne scars better. Full coverage means it will cover anything you want (dark spot, acne scars, anything you want); it’s supposed to hide everything and give you a flawless look. I hope this made sense and it helped you 🙂

Suggestion by Dominique
Light coverage will hardly çover any imperfections or blemishes you have and will probably be most natural so if you have nothing to hide or cover go for a light coverage. Medium is slightly thiçker it will cover somee things however some foundations that claim to be medium coverage can be very thick 🙁 and finally full coverage hides everything and makes your skin looks perfect and flawless!

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