Q&A: Would the consumption of alcohol regularly diminish my chances of a psychic awakening?

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Would the consumption of alcohol regularly diminish my chances of a psychic awakening?
I fear that the altered state that alcohol produces would some how cloud the human brain’s interpretation or realization of a psychic gift or event.

Suggestion by I EAT BABIES
A spiritual awakening is the cure for alcoholism. I would think that alcohol would thus be a hinderance to a psychic awakening.

Suggestion by John K
If we assume there is such a thing as a psychic event (I am not a believer in such things), then it would stand to reason that anything that clouds your brain would impair your ability to have one. A real psychic would need to be sober and straight, I would assume.

Suggestion by tongpa-nyi
Alcohol enters every cell in your body more easily than does water. It is a poison and it slows down the operations of cells and neuronal connectivity. It hinders the processes by which proteins are created from RNA.

Given that all psychic (psychological) processes are contingent on the quality of the cells comprising the brain and nervous system, it’s plain to see that intoxication inhibits all forms of higher cognitive function, including the hypothesized “psychic change” or “awakening.”

Drinking dulls the mind, that’s the simple answer. Just ask Allison Dubois! :o)

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psychic source

Where can i get Binaural Beat MP3’s for Astral Projection and psychic Development for free?
I want to develop my psychic abilities and also Astral Projection.I read about Binaural Beats. I want to know if I can get them for free. I tried Binaural-beats.com,but they want money for the downloads. Anyone know of any sites that are truly free?

Suggestion by Try to relax…
Don’t use binaural beats, use isochronic tones. They’re MUCH better and don’t require headphones.


Of course, I think psychic development and astral projection are complete bullsh**… but yeah.

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║but corrupting their minds with foolishness.

║My morals come from compassion; my compassion from
║understanding. And I seek to know and understand… everything.

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Where can I find a good Psychic or Tarot Card Reader in the Bay Area?
I’d really like to get some astrology work done, but I don’t know how to trust the source necessarily

Suggestion by lynn D
I don’t know which Bay Area you are referring to. So the best advice I can give you is to check Metaphysical or New Age book stores. Many of them will have Tarot readers and Astrologers who work with them and who they can recommend.

Usually these people will have a certain level of ability in order to be accepted to work at these establishments and will have a good track record from their work there.

Another source would be school of metaphysics if you have one in your area.

Best Wishes

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psychic source

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  1. Leviticus says

    Since alcohol makes you more open to strange ideas I think if you were going to imagine that you were having a psychic awakening it could certainly help – although maybe not as effectively as a more hallucinogenic substance. (Not that I am suggesting that anyone should use illegal drugs.)

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  2. mhiaa says

    Yes, severely. The first thing the spirits ask is that you give up the spirits. Been there, done that. When i didn’t want to hear the spirit voices, I had me some. But they still will let you know when they’re ready to be heard. All the alcohol in the world won’t quiet them.

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  3. dragnfly42@ameritech.net says

    Pretty good call on your part. Some serious practitioners even limit coffee and candy.
    sources for this: stories from Hal Putoff & R. Targ’s book “mind-reach”
    Also International Remote Viewing Organization at http://www.irva.org

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  4. deborahpsycic says

    Psychic here

    Alcohol has no real effect either way on your psychic growth except maybe postponing the lessons that you are supposed to be learning to achieve enlightenment and wisdom. Just like it only postpones the pain people feel instead of dealing with the issues (the same issues will be there when you wake)

    No ones powers are diminished through time or effort, psychic awareness is increased with time and life experience. so try to drink with moderation so you can still be living and physically capable to enjoy wisdom.

    for more on life questions read my blogs http://www.psychictarotreadings.net/22-important-life-lessons-psychic-guidance/

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  5. Witchy Mel says

    Not that I condone it but I have made some of the most startlingly accurate predictions and had the most profound spirit communications for other people when I was drunk off my a**.

    You are the receiver, you basically just need to be open to receiving. Being drunk, you are pretty loose and relaxed and your defenses are down. You’re more open to receiving. This sounds like a good thing but actually, eventually you will start receiving too much and you can’t stop. It can become emotionally distressing, psychologically damaging…and cause damage to your crown chakra.

    My friends know not to ask me spiritual or psychic related things when I have been drinking because I ask them not to. There have been times that I have allowed it but that was my own personal choice.

    You will find that a lot of sources will tell you that if you are not totally healthy and your body isn’t totally clear of toxins then it will prevent you from being able to have psychic experiences. I don’t believe that. I’m not proud of it but I have been a smoker since I was 18 and that has never effected my psychic capabilities either.

    When you have a psychic moment or are channeling information from a spirit or a Divine being, your brain doesn’t need to interpret anything, you just need to receive. Interpretation is what makes the whole experience less accurate. The less you try to control or define what is coming in, the more accurate the information will be.

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