Question about Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo?

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Question about Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo?
Im still a skeptic on mediums but why does she freak out when she gets some of her answers right when reading people? Like she’ll say things like: Was this her favorite song? And the person being read would be like Yes! Than Theresa would go NOW WAY! Omgg! ….if shes a medium than why does she freak out when she gets stuff like that right? Thanks in advance

Suggestion by Desiree -I’m the atheist you were warned about
Mediums, psychics, astrologers etc, they’re all professional con artists and they can spot gullible people from a mile away.

Suggestion by Lynn
Reality TV shows need to be all emotional or people wouldn’t watch.

Did you ever see the show “Pet Psychic?” Worst psychic/con artist ever. Yet people believed everything she said.

Suggestion by tentofield
“Psychics” who appear on TV shows invariably find out about their audience beforehand. Some issue forms to fill out which might look innocuous but provide lots of useful information. Some have assistants posing as audience members who talk to other people in the lobby before the show finding out all sorts of personal details. Some have interviewed the person in the spotlight before.

The trouble is that the vast majority of people who attend these shows want to believe and will try to fit whatever the “psychic” says into their lives.

Freaking out when getting a statement right is just an act. She makes it seem as though she doesn’t know what she is saying but is being guided by some spirit. What she doesn’t tell you is that the client filled out the questionnaire asking about favourite songs before the show.

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Nonfiction books on mediums?
Nonfiction books on people who can talk to the dead? Maybe a biography on Theresa Caputo? Thanks 🙂

Suggestion by angelik
*One Last Time: A Psychic Medium Speaks to Those We Have Loved and Lost by John Edward

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How can I become a medium?
FIRST OF ALL: If you are one of those quacks, OR if you are one of those skeptics who will make fun of this, PLEASE DON’T ANSWER!

Ohk, so I’m 16 years old. I have seen 2 ghosts in my lifetime; my mom-mom (who died before I was born) and a little boy in the park (who my dad did NOT see, when I pointed him out). Skeptics, please don’t try to tell me it was my imagination, or try to come up with an excuse for what I saw. I know what I saw! I hope I’m not coming off as rude, I’m really not rude!

Anyway, I’ve also had weird, psychic-ish dreams. I’m not saying I’m a psychic, I’m just saying I’ve had some dreams that strangely connect with real life. Things happen that connect with the dream in real life, AFTER I’ve already had the dream.

Also, the mom-mom that I saw as a ghost/spirit, ALSO had some kind of psychic trait. She could sense what type of person someone was after being with them for just a few moments. And she always turned out to be right. (My mom told me this.)

I’ve been watching the new show, Long Island Medium, on TLC. Apparently, Theresa Caputo didn’t realize she was a medium at first. I’m pretty sure she developed the skills. She’s a VERY good medium. If you’re into that type of thing, definitely check out the show.

Also, I read a little bit about the book, Opening to Channel: How to Connect With Your Guide, by Sanaya Roman. Has anyone read it? Is it any good?

I guess my basic question is, HOW CAN I BECOME A MEDIUM?! Thank you so much to anyone who answers!! (:

Suggestion by Shenaynay
If you want to become a medium just like the ones on tv you need to learn how to do cold reading.

Let’s hope you have a better success rate than Sylvia Browne.

Suggestion by Keith Kartiye
There’s many type of medium from difference religion and difference back ground, Each got their own specialty like exorcising, psychic, sage etc… So learn from that Master of which type medium U wish to be!! ^^

Suggestion by inteleyes
In order to become a medium your abilities must open up and be natural~

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  1. Dee Dee says

    you are a sensitive, there is right ways and wrong ways to progress. Everyone is born with this ability and with practice, you can progress but please be aware it takes time and patience. I have been a sensitive all my life, I progressed over the years and have been using my gift for 30 years now. I help others to understand their gifts and how to progress. here are a couple of websites, and if you are interested you can email me with any questions.

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  2. Margot says

    Hi B

    The way to develop as medium would be join a Circle. The Circle would be taken by a Medium who would teach you and others in the Circle how to tap into your psychic abilities.

    It would be an idea to find a listing of spiritual churches they will be able to assist. Take your time and find out what one feels good for you to join.

    In the meantime, meditation, quietening the mind will help substantially.

    We all have the ability to connect. Some people are more aware than others and others tend to ignore it thinking it as a figment of their imagination.

    I wish you all the best for the future.

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  3. north81 says

    Its hard to know who is a real psychic and who isnt but I finally found the real deal. He is the only psychic i know of that will give you a 100% refund if he doesnt tell you things that no one else could possibly know. His name is Dale Sellers and he also offers free info to help find out if you are psychic and how to grow your ability. I was so thankful that i stumbled upon his site! He offers specials and discounts which really helps when money is tight. He is worth every penny, he blew my mind and made my skeptical Husband a believer!! The great thing is, you have nothing to lose with his money back guarantee 🙂 His site is

    If you get a reading id love to hear how it went!! Good luck!!


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